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GERRY CARTHY: Old Time Irish - Coarse Cut

Old Time Irish is a collection of tunes and songs inspired by the traditional Irish sessions in Galway, where Gerry played in the '70s and '80s. The CD was recorded in 2005 and features Gerry on tenor banjo, concertina, tin whistles, mandolin, fiddle, tenor guitar, bouzouki, guitar, and vocals.



1. The Croppy Boy/PaddyCanny's Jig  2.The Ace and Deuce of Piping 3.The Donegal Reel/My Love Is in America/Father Kelly's  4.The Lakes of Coolfin 5.Morgan McGann 6.Barney Brannigan/Ride A Mile 7.Dainty Davey 8.Se Fath Mo Bhuartha/Madam Bonaparte 9.The Galway/The Galway Bay Hornpipes 10.The Munster Cloak 11.Lucy Campbell/The Mountain Top 12.Barelegged Joe 13.Boulavogue/The Cuckoo's Nest 14.The Kerry Polkas




THE HURLING BOYS: Traditional Irish Music with Gerry Carthy

The Hurling Boys CD was recorded in 2006 and offers more Traditional Irish tunes and a few songs played in the 'Old Style' on a variety of instruments including tenor guitar, tenor banjo, fiddle mandolin, whistles, concertina, bouzouki and guitar. The CD is dedicated to Gerry's father, Paul Carthy (1911-2006) .


1. Killin's Fairy Hill/Open the Door For Three  2.The March of the King of Laois 3.The German Beau 4.The Glen of Aherlow 5.Mulhaire's/Father Hanly's/Jim Dillon's Jigs 6.Mickey Finn's Air 7.Jim Dillon's Polkas 8.Carolan's Draught 9.The Road to the Isles/Keel Row 10.Where the Praties Grow 11.Josie McDermott's Reels 12.Kitty Come Down From Limerick 13.The Darling Girl From Clare 14.The Hurling Boys 15.The Cuilin/The Killaloe Boat 16.The Road to Drumlemen 17.Happy To Meet and Sorry To Part







Traditional Irish tunes played by Gerry Carthy on tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar, tin whistles and button accordeon and accompanied beautifully by Kate Whelan on piano and harpsichord. This CD was recorded in 1988.



1.Queen of the Fair/Tongs By the Fire 2.Mna na hEireann (Women of Ireland) 3.Off to California 4.O'Carolan's Concerto 5.The Humours of Bandon 6.Mrs. Kenny's Waltz/The Tennessee Waltz 7.The Flowers of Edinburgh/Donegal Barndance 8.Banks of Lough Gowna/Brian Boru/ Musical Priest 9.Boys of the Lough/Joe Cooley's/Kiss Me Kate 10.O'Rourke's Noble Feast 11.Anach Chuan 12.Easy and Slow 13.Medley from the Movie 'The Long Riders' 14.The Marino Waltz 15.The Bluebell Polka







Inspired by this photograph of himself as a youngster, Gerry Carthy produced Come West Along the Road as a tribute to the Southwest. Recorded in 2007, the CD features Gerry on various instruments blending the sound of traditional music of his native Ireland with the Spirit of the Wild West which has now become home.


1.My Darling Asleep/Fr. O’Flynn/The Lilting Fisherman 2.Sketches of Ireland 3. Just an Old Rusty Wagon 4.The Sweets of May 5.Danny Boy. 6.The Hares Paw/The Mountain Lark 7.Bury Me On the Lone Prairie 8.Cielito Lindo/El Angel Mio 9.The Dill Pickle Rag 10.Moonlight in Mayo/ My Ould Jauntin Car/ Doonaree  11.Shall We Gather By the River 12.Taim-se Im Codladh/Sport/Another Jig 13.The Road Downhill or The Tale of the Corrigan Brothers 14.Come West Along the Road





Selected Airs For The Tenor Guitar


Classic airs played on nylon and steel strung tenor guitars. Here is a collection of tunes drawn from different styles and traditions brought together on one recording, the idea being to bring to light some pieces that are not heard that often in an Irish music setting and to introduce the rare sound of these melodies as played on 4 string tenor guitars.


1. Lios ns mBanriona 2. The Rocky Shore 3. Planxty Maguire 4. Sliabh na mBan 5. Tosselli's Serenade 6. The Kerry Dances 7. Lament for Eoin Rua 8. Meditation from Thais 9. The Fairy Queen 10. Duilleoga an Fhomhair 11. Mr. O'Connor 12. Concierto de Aranjuez 13. Lady Dillon 14. Mickey Finn's Air 15. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen 16. Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring 17. My Lagan Love 18. The Blackbird 19. Planxty Lady Blaney 20. Danny Boy






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